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Art & Culture - Ek Nazar

Sultanganj Buddha

Sultanganj BuddhaIn Bermingham Museum & Art Gallary The Sultanganj Buddha is 2.3m high and 1m at its widest point and weighs about 500kgs. It was cast by the technique known as the 'lost wax' process, in which a solid core of clay is overlaid with wax. The sculptor models the fine details in the wax coating. The wax is covered with a liquid laye... Read more

Manjusha Art

     Manjushas are temple-shaped boxes, made of bamboo, jute straw and paper. According to legend, Manjusha art traces its origin to the Bihula-Vishahri or Mansha folktale,popular in erstwhile Anga Pradesh and found also in an altered form in West Bengal. The paintings are drawn primarily on the occasion of the Bishari puja, celebrated usually ... Read more

Sikki Art

The sikki is a type of grass that is connected with important ceremonies and rituals. Sikki is wired and stitched together with the pasikki, dyed in several different shades, using a thick needle called takua. Boxes made of Sikki are used for various purposes. A special container woven out of sikki grass, the pauti, is a sentimental gift that accom... Read more


The "Pauti", is a sentimental gift that accompanies a bride when she leaves her home after her wedding. Indeed, for the bride, next to the wooden container for "sindoor" (vermillion), namely, the "sinhora", this is a precious gift that she treasures for her entire life. In the picture on the right, the "pauti' with its lid partly open occupies the ... Read more

Sikki Art

Sunday, 01 February 2009 13:53 Kislay Komal
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The sikki is a type of grass that is connected with important ceremonies and rituals. Sikki is wired and stitched together with the pasikki, dyed in several different shades, using a
thick needle called takua. Boxes made of Sikki are used for various purposes. A special container woven out of sikki grass, the pauti, is a sentimental gift that accompanies the
bride when she leaves her home after her wedding. Indeed, for the bride, next to the wooden container for sindoor (sinhora), is a precious gift that she treasures for her entire life.
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